Old Trip Photo Gallery

Hey , does anyone have any photos to put here ? .... I don't seem to have very many ... e-mail me !     -Patch

Thanks for the New additions Dan !  ( Nov.22.2007)

Thanks for the new additions Steve !  ( June.16.2008 )

I don't remember when this shot was taken ... it must have been from one of our earlier trips.

Rich T. & the start of the Beer Pyramid

Shure, everyone starts out dry...

George thinks he has more than one beer ( ...so do I )

Sorting out the expences at Meacham

Patch in a canoe Dime ! Dime !

The mighty Moose.

Pyramid From Meacham ( taken from an S8 image )

Smile for the camera

Nothing to do with camping ...but it sure is old. Update : Rich T. pointed out that he is the one that took this photo in Florida. -R.G.

Georges's apartment...perhaps we were planning a camping trip ?

Like the Photo ,this trip was kind of blurry

Loraine & Moose

The Richard's discussing the upcomming camping trip ?

Dan & Mark


Lake Placid

A poor attempt at reproducing the Mouse Ears on her Sweatshirt

Thats what my poker face looked like !?

At Georges

At Joe's ( House-warming I think )

(circa 1978)

(circa 1978)

(circa 1978)

(circa 1978)

(circa 1978)

(circa 1978)