Camping 2015 Info Page

  Arrival: Fri Jun 26 2015  Departure: Sun Jun 28 2015

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·       19.Jun.2015 : Attempted to update this web site (the program I use to use is on an old, dead computer)

·       20.Jun.2015 : Manually updated a few pages .

·       24.Jun.2015: The sites are Waterfront Tent : 2 Nights, site #103 & 104 (South side) hopefully the bridge noise will not be a problem . We could look into #118,  when we are there, as well as if there is a good site with electric hookup.

·       25.Jun.2015 : The Richards will be leaving Friday around 2pm . Steve said he will prepare the food (“bring some Mushrooms for Dan” –RichT) and we will bring the good kitchen shelter.

·       29.Jun.2015 : Nice trip ! Good to see everyone again . The Bridge was a bit noisy, The sites were a bit small & rocky, but had some great meals & we got in a lot of card playing.  I will try and add some photos when I get them from Rich. But for now I added a test video to see if anyone can view it without too much trouble. Let me know & If it’s ok I’ll upload the others. ( I can also reduce the quality some more to make the filesize smaller if that’s an issue…as well as saving it in another format…mp4 perhaps)