CAMPING 2006 Photo Gallery 2

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Caught in the headlights

The other side of the table

The King of Hearts

settting up the executive suite ;-)

Great meals !!!

Great Fires !!!

Clean dishes !!!

Groovy site !!!

some of the local wildlife

I wasn't able to focus on this guy ( the 2 other shots didn't work out either :-(

The group on St-Jean-Baptiste

Patch,Steve,Dan & Rich

another group shot

..ok next year we'll bring the Canadian flag ;-)

The sign at the entrance

Getting the campfire set up for the night

Modifying the axe ;-)

On the road to Old Meacham ( Meacham West )

One of the trails to a carry-in site ( Meacham West )

Cleaning-up for the night

Dan's watchfull eye on the eggs

Part 2 of mr.T's breakfast

Trying to scare us

The camp store. " you want-it ,we got it "

In memory of Moose

You can take the Quebeker out of Quebec, but...

Camping 2006