CAMPING 2006 Photo Gallery 1

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We're off & smileing

The bridge in Vallyfield ( Pont Mgr Langois )

Odd archaeological site around Huntington

all alone at the border crossing ( north of Malone, NY )

"Could we change site #82 to site #60 ??"

Main tent. 10 min. set-up time

Secondary tent.10 min. set-up time

Eating Tent : 2 hr set-up time. ( where does that #3 pole go ?? )

Frisbee Heaven

View of the lake

2-handed catch

Action shot

good catch

No shots of Rich.T., but he was there.

Looks like I'm going to miss this one.

Quesionable picture taking techniques

"ok...everyone stay still for 5 min."

Diet Pepsi & Menthos experiment

Patch airing-out his tounge

Setting up the Video camera

Debating around the fire

Steve stumped Dan with that question

Checking the shots

Modifying the axe

West Meacham

Trail to one of the sites in West Meacham

Around the campfire Sat. nite

only 1 piece of watermellon left

Watermellon feast

This is what I look like without the watermellon ( thanks alot Rich ;-)

Dan & the sign

Camp store towards Malone

Camp road sign

Camping 2006