Photo Gallery 2007 

Page 2 (Steve's Photos)

Movie clips : NightVision ,Wild Cat , Heron , Eating Area Set-up , Bigfoot , UFO , Animal Attack (.wmv files)

Group shot upon arival. ( I still have to photoshop-in my beer)

Tent layout on B14

A view from the bridge on the way over to Alexandria Bay for supplies.

Friday's Chef

A satisfied customer.

Steve's Birthday Cake (oops)

Steve & one of the wild cats that kept coming around.

Here Kitty Kitty.

Moss & stuff

Just a bunch of rocks & twigs.

Saturday breakfast Chef

Nature Center

What part of the Elk is that ? ( damn macro....I'll have to figger out how it works ) I think I have one of these things at home...

Hanging on to the rock face at the nature center.

Not so high.

Packing up Sunday morning

Popping out of the tent

Heron hang-out

Camping 2007