Locations 2007:

Reserved Wellesley Island, June 15th ( Friday Night) & 16th. Site B14.

Wellesley Island :  Previous years location & a good half-way point between Toronto & Montreal ...

                           ...the downside is that it's in the States ( N.Y.) Campground map (scan)

 "Good" sites: B14 & B15.  

                    D20 (by the water)

                    B1 (water) & B2 (water & also a large site )

                    B6, B7 (water) and probably B8.

  "OK" sites:   B10,11 & 12 are "together"...but not sure it that's good or bad.

                    B4 & B5 are also "together" , I guess that means it would be good to have both sites at the same time.

Ivy Lea : In Canada & also a good half-way point ,  I can reserve  by phone, but not sure which sites are good .

Sand Banks : Closer to Toronto but on the Canadian side & I'll have to look into reservations. Info.