Photo Gallery 2004 Part 1

I'll put any new photos here, so check back occasionally.

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Setting-up on the real B14

Friday's Chef

Group shot at the newly created B14 dining area

Probably a sunset ...'cause I don't remember being up for a sunrise.

Off to see the ducks.

Some of the local moth population ( the rest were on me )

Mapping expedition

On the beach with the rest of the Canadians

Ti-Chi in the morning

The house on the hill

Playing "Hide & go seek" with the sun.

Catching a few rays.

Two guys in need of a chair.

A butterfly who thinks he's still a catterpillar.

Sunset on B14

It gets cold at night.

Heading into the main tent.

Skunks are NOT afraid of this.

Trying to scare-off the wild animals.

Pump it up.

Pump it good.

Steve keeping the fire going.

Group shot

Dan about to make a speech.

I'm not sure what Dan is smoking.

Steve at his car.

B27...oh least it had electricity. ) and no bagpipes !

Those Americans sure love their baseball.

Camping 2004