----------------------------------------Friday Agenda----------------------------------------------

2:30 PM Leave from Montreal : Rich  & Patch

3:30 PM Arrive at Border, explain why one of us forgot our birth certificate.

4:00 PM Enter Malone, NY & find shopping mall. Buy extra eyeglasses to throw in the lake & meat to replace the steaks confiscated at the Border .

4:40 PM head towards Meacham

5:10 PM realize we took the wrong road. Head back to Malone & try again.

5:30 PM Arrive at campsite main office to check in. Get in line.

5:50 PM Locate site

6:01 PM realize that sites are too close to the road, too small & too buggy.

6:02 PM return to main office to try & get another site. Wait in line.

6:05 PM no other site available, return to original site.

6:10 PM Rain starts, but the bugs leave, unpack equipment & set-up the tents.

6:45 PM Tents set-up. Rain stops. Start-up stove to cook dinner. Bugs return.

7:00 PM Supper ready, head to van to eat.

7:30 PM clean-up after meal. wait for the Ontarians to arrive

8:00 PM Still waiting

8:30 PM waiting, slap bugs, & waiting.

9:00 PM slap bugs, more waiting. Turn on lantern.

9:01 PM Moths swarm around, Turn off lantern.

10:00 PM head to main campground office to call Toronto.

10:02 PM Main office closed ( at 10:00 ), head back to site & wait.

10:46 PM Ontarians arrive on foot ( and foot foot ) & explain about Toronto rush-hour traffic, problems at the border, the dark roads,

                poor directions, the fact that the campground closes at 10:00 and the main gate is closed.

10:58 PM Head to the main gate to try & bring back the equipment they left in the car.

11:10 PM back at campsite. Explain to Steve why his Steak is burnt to a crisp.

11:30 PM go to bed

5:00 AM Wake up to the sounds of rubber boots marching past the tent ....